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Latest release is the Entry Point CHASSIS2Ultralite. This is an economy, no frills stripped dow version of the CHASSIS2Lite without any of the clamps, adjusting screws or fences. Just a chassis, 3 blocks and 1/8" pins (long type).

Also the new CHASSIS2Lite. This is identical to the CHASSIS2 PRO but for 3 axles only. There is a full upgrade path to 5 axles if required.

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We have recieved the following endorsement from
John Brighton of Steamline Sheffield:

"I have now used the Avonside Works Chassis jig on 4 problem chassis and three new builds and I have to say I am delighted, utterly delighted with the results and ease of use - it does everything it says on the tin!

I have seen many ideas come and go but I have not found anything, since the temperature controlled soldering iron 10 years ago, that will so revolutionise square, true, accurate chassis and rod building for anyone, good or bad, more than this piece of kit.

Avonside are to be congratulated. Everyone should have access to this even if it is only for the adjustable axle spacing pins!"
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